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To make sure you’re experiencing the maximum fat loss potential on keto, there are certain foods that are higher in carbs and thus you should eat them in moderation or not at all.

These include foods that contain hidden carbs and sugars, sweeteners and starches.

If you’re interested in starting keto and doing it right, you simply must reduce your carb intake to about 20 -30 gram of net carbs per day.


Here is a list of foods you must avoid on the keto lifestyle if you really want to see success.


75 + Foods To Avoid On Keto:


Fruits to avoid on keto:

The consumption of most fruit should be greatly reduced on keto, with the exception of a few- like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Most fruits,  although healthy and highly recommended in traditional diets, are very sweet naturally which makes them extremely high in carbs and sugars.

Therefore, you’ll find that by simply eating 1 cup of just about any fruit, you would have gone over your carbs macros for the day.

Of course, you can get away with nibbling really small bits of fruit every now and then, however, if you really want to see results with keto, avoid these fruits as much as possible.

Here is a list of fruit that you need to avoid if you want to stay in ketosis with carbs, protein and fat macros.

Similarly, you should avoid things like fruit syrups, fruit concentrates, fruit smoothies and fruit juices as well as they are very high in carbs and sugars.


Vegetables to avoid:

Again, while most vegetables recommended in the traditional diet, this list below should be avoided if you’re wanting to start a keto lifestyle.

These vegetables below should be removed from your diet as they contain carbs that add up quickly and they will prevent you from being in ketosis and losing weight.

Grains to avoid on keto:

Like fruit, grains are also very high in carbs. Because keto works best if you stick to a minimum of 20- 3o grams of net carbs daily, having grains will not be beneficial to your keto journey. Below are 11 grains that contain too many carbs and thus won’t work on keto.

Products made from grains to stay away from on keto:

All products made from grains are to be avoided on this lifestyle. These include various kinds of cereals, bread, pastries and other foods made from flours, rice, oatmeal, crackers, cookies, and the list goes on.


Legumes & Beans you can’t eat on keto

While legumes and beans are great for a regular diet, they don’t make the cut for keto. It’s very easy to see why since they tend to be super high in carbs as protein.

Sweeteners to avoid on keto:

Most people love their sweeteners and although many of them are lower in calories, they contain too many carbs to make them safe for ketosis. So, even though things like honey are great whole foods, they will quickly kick you out of ketosis. Avoid these sweeteners at all cost!

Other foods to avoid on the keto include:


  • Sweets: Candies, chocolates, sweets, ice creams, etc.
  • Alcohol: Sweetened alcoholic drinks, beers.
  • Drinks: Sweetened teas, coffees, sodas.
  • Some oils: Soya bean oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil.
  • Milk and low-fat dairy


Use this list whenever you’re unsure of what you can and cannot have on keto. Also check out this lazy keto food list for all the foods you can eat on keto!

Sharing it or Saving it!

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