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These simple, yet effective keto hacks are just what you need to make being on the ketogenic diet easier.

So you’re on the keto diet. This is an amazing step and a chance to lose weight and be healthier this year.

However, although the keto diet is great, there are times when it’s hard to stay on track with it all. There are also times when it justs seems like you’re stuck at a plateau and just can’t lose weight. This is where some useful keto hacks can help you out.

Today, I’m going to be sharing some keto hacks that you must try out if you’re doing the keto diet and trying to stick to it and lose weight.



Below are some amazing keto hacks you need to know:


Perfect Keto Anyone?

Okay, so if you want to boost your weight loss even faster, a simple way to do this is to use this keto product. It was designed for those on a ketogenic diet, or others who may struggle to get back into ketosis after eating carbs. Perfect Keto raises blood ketone levels, improving athletic endurance, mental performance, and energy levels and helps with your weight loss efforts. Thousands of people have been using this product with amazing results over the years.

You can find this product here.



Walk with some keto-friendly snacks

You know sometimes how you’ve been good all day long because you’re following a  solid meal plan or perhaps, you’re really good at nailing down your three full keto meal in a day in the home environment.

However, it’s easy to fall off track completely once you’re outside the house. This can literally destroy your entire day. Having some keto snacks on hand at all times can help you avoid this.



Fast food keto hacks

So, if you’re constantly on the go, having a few great places for having keto-friendly meals is a great idea. Here are some ideas of places  to check and some meal ideas to check out:

  • Red Robin- Burger with a lettuce bun and endless side salad
  • Wendys- Double baconator add pickles no bun no sauce
  • Chic-fil- Grilled chicken nuggets and salads
  • McDonald’s- Angus or Quarter pounder no bun no sauce
  • Chipotle- Salad with chicken, cheese, hot salsa, and sour cream
  • JimmyJohns- Veggie unwiched (wrapped in lettuce w bacon added)
  • Taco Bell-Taco salad with no rice and no chips, add guac.
  • Popeyes -Baked chicken tenders

You can also find alternatives for fast foods.

An example are these delicious looking keto tomato bun burgers!


Also, you can find out more amazing places with keto options by using this keto finder app here.



Moderate eating

So we all know that we don’t NEED a bunch of food every day to feel satisfied and for our bodies to be able to function at optimal potential. One simple hack that can help you lose weight faster or get out of a keto weight loss plateau is to moderate your food intake by eating 2 meals and a small snack daily.

This method of eating aimed at helping you limit your caloric intake which can then aid in faster weight loss.

Also, I know you may love cheese, but moderating how much you consume daily can really help with faster weight loss on a Keto Diet.

If you’re finding it difficult to eat less food each day, try using portion control containers. They’re great for helping you to meal prep and eat smaller portions.

Also, you should consider getting yourself a digital food scale that can help you easily count your macros.

This brand by Greater Goods can be found on Amazon and can really change your keto journey by making everything so much easier for you.

Imagine being able to easily tell the macros in everything you eat for the day.

This is really a game-changer for anyone who is conscious of what they eat and how much they eat. You can buy this digital food scale on Amazon by clicking this link




Many times we seem to skip water as a part of our weight loss journey. Having more water during any diet is a great idea. Not only will it make you feel fuller faster, but it will also help to reduce constant food cravings if you suffer from these a lot.

Finding it difficult to drink enough water? Try out this sparkling water maker machine to help you drink more war throughout the day and actually enjoy the taste of water. This is perfect for any who struggles to drink water, because of its plain taste.




If you’re not sleeping well chances are you’re not losing weight at the optimal levels that you could be. 7-8 hours is a good number to aim for. A study by the University of Chicago has shown that people who sleep for 8 hours, compared to people who sleep for 5 (both sets consuming 1450 calories daily) lost more fat than those who slept for 5 hours. So, sleeping can help you lose more body fat overall.

If you have trouble sleeping and need a solution, you can try using a weighted blanket to sleep better (and for longer) at night. Research has shown that sleeping underneath a weighted blanket can help you feel calmer, less anxious, and increase your sleep.

You can find a great weighted blanket here.


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Add this special ingredient to your coffee

bullet proof coffee keto hacks

One way to help you feel less hungry throughout the day and thus eat less is to add some grass-fed butter...yes butter…to your morning coffee.

In order to avoid getting hungry throughout the day lots of people on the keto diet add a tbsp of butter to their coffee most mornings.

This helps to not only get your daily fat intake in, but it also helps to keep you fuller for longer which can, in turn, help you eat less and lose weight faster.

This trick has helped so many Keto Dieters cut back on daily food intake since this coffee makes them feel full throughout the morning and they only need to consume one or two meals during the day. This, in turn, helps limit caloric intake and thus weight loss happens even faster.



Bonus keto hack:

If you really want to do keto but at the same time you LOVE your bread, cakes, pancakes, and pizzas, then you need to be using Almond flour which can be found on Amazon, to make your delicious keto baked goods.

simple keto hacks


Almond flour is super low in carbs (only 3g net carbs per serving compared to regular flour which has 79g of carbs per serving) and can help you enjoy foods like pizza with no guilt! This will ensure that you don’t have ‘cheat meals or days’ since you’re able to enjoy foods like pizzas easily. 
simple keto hacks

You can check it out here for a comparatively low price.

Which of these keto hacks will you be trying out? Let me know in the comments below.

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